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What problem are we solving?

Cold calling is an effective lead-gen source but it is also time intensive, inefficient and requires significant regulatory compliances.

It is very difficult to scale and systematize cold-calling. If you make your own calls, you are spending valuable time better used on higher-value tasks. The other DIY option — hiring a cold-caller from Fiverr or Upwork — puts you at significant risk of running afoul the US Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) which can result in hefty fines and expensive litigation. Additionally, this still leaves you with the problem of training, managing, and ensuring the quality assurance of your caller.

What is our solution?

A professional, land-focused, cold-calling company that takes the headaches of legal compliance, training, management, and quality assurance off your plate and hands you warm leads for your deal pipeline.

We are a one-stop shop for cold-calling lead generation. Our services include: pulling owner lists, obtaining high-quality skip-tracing data, TCPA known litigator and DNC scrubbing, hiring, training, daily campaign management, daily KPI reporting, and ensuring campaign quality assurance.

Cold-calling can be used as a stand-alone lead gen source, or it can be layered into your direct mail or SMS campaigns as a way to follow-up with your targeted owners.

Why Now?

What is the cost of not incorporating cold-calling into your land business?

There is a percentage of land owners who respond best to person-to-person phone conversations. Although direct mail, SMS, and paid ads all have their place, land investors leave considerable lead generation opportunities on the table when they don’t incorporate cold-calling into their deal pipelines.

As the land investing space gets more popular and direct mail loses some of its effectiveness, the best land investors are looking for ways to set themselves apart and access untapped lead potential.

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Our clients have found that any lead generation method is most effective when layered with other methods. Cold-calling and direct mail, in particular, work in a complimentary way, whether you choose to mail first, simultaneously, or after a cold-calling campaign doesn’t seem to matter.

For a campaign targeting 12,000 property owners, the cost of conducting a Direct Mail campaign would be ~$8,700-$9,700 based on industry averages. The cost to cold-call the same list with Land Caller is $3,900, a cost savings of 55-60% on average. The costs in this example include all data and skiptracing costs.

A single caller will dial between 10,000 and 15,000 property owners in 4 weeks worth of calling.

We use a method called “close-but-not-matching” to call a customer from an area code that is near their own area code but is not the exact match. This has shown to provide the best pickup response rates.

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act is a law which regulates how, when and why citizens may be contacted via phone. There are a multitude of requirements to stay compliant and failure to do so can result in hefty fines and civil litigation.

We ensure that we are filing all legal precedent around the TCPA, including but not limited to: only calling during business hours, respecting Do Not Call lists, providing the ability to opt-out and maintaining an internal DNC list, and ensuring unanswered calls are disconnected within 15seconds. We also scrub all of our data through a known-TCPA litigator list which is updated daily, ensuring any phone numbers of known-litigators and their family members are removed prior to calling.

Only if you were the party who made the call or hired an individual to make the calls for you. If you contract with Land Caller LLC you are shielded from any litigation or liability for infringement.

Our callers will directly upload the lead information to your CRM form immediately upon conclusion of the call. In the future we will provide the ability to opt for live-transfer of calls.

The leads we deliver to our customers are motivated sellers who are willing to accept less than market value in order to sell quickly. Our callers are trained to develop rapport with sellers immediately and understand their problems and how you can help them. This arms you with the information you need to solve their problem and close the deal!

This depends on a wide variety of factors, including what type of lead you choose to receive. However, most clients receive between 20-120 high quality leads each month. With our average client profiting >$15,000 per deal closed, you can see how Land Caller pays for itself!

Successful cold-calling relies heavily on accurate data. Because there are varying degrees of accuracy in skip-tracing options, we require that we skip-trace all property lists. We receive discounted rates from one of the very best skip-tracing companies and pass savings along to our customers!

Our caller vetting, hiring and training process is extensive. We don’t take brand new cold-callers and we provide land-specific training. In order to offer our customer’s competitive rates, we must be able to forecast how many callers we will need. The only way to do this is by offering our services on long-term contracts.

Not at this time, but we are working on making this available for our customers very soon!

This is something else we hope to offer to Land Caller clients in the near future.