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See why general contractors choose WSI to partner with for their most important projects.

Ensuring your project's success

Ensuring your project's success from inception to realization.

We offer the services to meet your project demands from start to finish.


Leveraging 100 Years of Expertise for Accurate Estimates and Cost Management. Our detailed estimating process not only ensures realism in budgets but also identifies potential cost-affecting factors while seeking value-driven solutions.

Design Assist

Our Design approach allows us to identify and resolve challenges to your project before construction begins, giving your project a path to success from the beginning.

Information Modeling

Using Tekla Structures 3D BIM software we are able to model projects with intricate precision. This allows us to identify potential issues and conflicts in the detailing process limiting costly and time consuming mistakes in the fabrication or erection processes.

Project Management

Our hands on project manager approach ensures that all aspects of your project come together on time and on budget. We engage and work with other subcontractors with the aim to reduce conflicts, delays and added costs.

WSI Expertise

WSI Steel brings 100 years of industry expertise, specializing in steel and architectural metals. Our services encompass top-tier fabrication and precise installation.


Within our specialized steel facility, we meticulously choose the precise type and grade of steel tailored for every project, ensuring efficient processes that yield impeccable results.

Architectural Metal

Our skilled artisans comprehend the distinctive intricacies and demands of upscale architectural metal finishes, enriching your project with unparalleled expertise.

Licensed, certified, and industry-approved.

WSI Steel is a licensed, self-performing contractor specializing in steel and architectural metals fabrication and installation for various projects.

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